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Outside In is the true story of our journey to holistic well-being using the power of nature


. Before the pandemic I dabbled a bit in gardening and houseplants, but with all of the newly found time at home, I quickly fell in love with my new green friends. 

As a self-ordained Green Thumb, I aspire to be a certain level of crazy plant lady!

Even though it's considered trendy, I am still secretly happy I met my husband 50 plants ago and not after. It seems I needed even more of a challenge, more so than taking care of 7 kids at home, and holding down a demanding full time job. I kid. I chose to delve deep into all things plant related from herbalism to permaculture. Once I was completely immersed, I became so very inspired by nature's ability to bring joy, to purify the environment, and promote healing. Not to mention the tremendous positive mental health impacts that watching the fruits of said labor can have. Nature wasn't just my escape, I found that it was intrinsically connected to my over all well being.

And so it began... I became a full blown Naturalista.

However, when I searched for inspiration and tips to guide me, I found far fewer plant enthusiasts that looked like me than I would have liked to find .

Why does that matter? Because representation matters.  

You see, I grew up with an amazing role model in this area,

as my mom was an entrepreneur herself. She owned her own floristry business, has a knack for design, an eye for creation, and loves arts and crafts. Her passion shaped my world and is the impetus behind my creative spark. My friends would often jokingly refer to her as the "Black Martha Stewart". Though I always thought the comparison was flattering, as Martha is like the MacGyver of crafting, I wondered why my Mom couldn’t be seen as an expert herself? Thankfully with the rise of Black agriculture and urban gardening there is a surge of Black plant growing influencers. Though I am comforted by that, I am not settling. This new drive would lead our family to become weekend warriors. A fierce combination of knowledge and expertise, from myself and my Mom, to my husband and our kids. Our multigenerational undertaking became the blueprint for Outside In.

As a mother of 7 in a predominantly white rural town, with a predominantly white female led industry, I struggled to overcome my severe imposter syndrome. It's more than a name. It's more than a blog or a side hustle. It's a way of life. This is for my children's future, my community, and all those that dare to lead. I learned through nature to embrace transformation, be patient in my journey, and to embrace  my individuality. 


I hope our journey and creations inspire you, too to live authentically and dig a little deeper.